Frequently Asked Questions

These are FAQ's about scholarships at SKC; i.e. the process, the requirements, and typical time frames.


If you have any further questions reach out to Amanda Serrano

No, late or incomplete applications will not be accepted as a deadline is a deadline. Do not wait until the last minute, start your application early as life happens and the application is open at least a month in advance.

SKC typically does not offer Part-time scholarships; however, if a scholarship does become available, staff will send information out to the student bulletin board. 

Yes, you need to fill out a FAFSA whether you are eligible or not, it is SKC Policy and is used to determine fund eligibility and EFC.

For more information about FAFSA, visit this link. 

Contact the SKC Financial Aid office if you need assistance with the FAFSA application.

Contact the SKC Financial Aid office if you need your unmet need amount or needs analysis.
SKC gives out scholarships at a minimum of $500 if awarded. 

Scholarships take about 3 weeks after the deadline to be reviewed and awarded. Do not contact the scholarship department asking when notifications will come out before the 3 weeks have passed as it only slows the process. 

The scholarship committee consists of SKC staff and faculty, on occasion SKC administration, board members and donors.

Applications are scored on a point system- the more detail and examples provided, the better the score.
Build these skills and community service activities by joining in. This is an important section of the application that should not be left blank as it will result in a low score. Examples: Volunteer at boys and girls club, coach a sport, form a study group. Lend a hand when and where needed. Most scholarship applications look for these skills and activities. 

Recommendation letters need to be typed, signed, dated (within the last 6 months), and have detailed information about the student (ex: background info, degree program, goals, personal accomplishments, etc). Letterhead is not required but it makes the recommendation look more professional. All SKC employees have access to letterhead and should utilize it.

You have to use your most recent transcript. Example: If you just graduated from high school, you must use your high school transcript. If you have attended SKC most recently, your unofficial transcript can be found on JICS, do not pay for an official one. If you are a transfer student you must use your transcripts from the institution that you transferred from. Use your Cumulative GPA, this is the GPA that is your overall GPA with all of your classes, do not use your quarterly GPA.




If you have a question that is not listed above, reach out! We will get back to you as soon as possible.




Program Director of Institutional Advancement

Amanda Serrano